We help agencies build A reliable Leads pipeline in 8 weeks using Ai-powered prospecting

Reach out to decision-makers owners at scale using data scraping and AI-personalization.

Less time spent prospecting, more time closing deals.

This is how we work

Personalizing Lead Generation: A Four-Step Approach to Understand, Engage, and Optimize for Your Outreach Success
In the Learn phase, we dive deep into understanding your business goals, target market, and unique value proposition. Our in depth Discovery process will help us dosument the specific needs and challenges of your business

In collaboration with you, we gather insights that lay the foundation for a successfully and reliably generating outbound leads. We conduct thorough market analysis, examining your local competitive landscape and identify our targeting and messaging. By studying your competitors and analyzing market dynamics, we gain valuable knowledge that informs our strategies and ensures a targeted approach. This step allows us to develop a customized plan tailored to your objectives.

Once we have a solid understanding of your business, we move on to the Build phase. Here we develop an MVP for your lead generation strategy and put the tools in place to reach thousands of prospective customers.

In the Build phase, we develop a tailored lead generation strategy for your agency or software firm. We create a roadmap aligned with your goals and craft compelling email templates that highlight your unique value proposition. Leveraging data analytics, automation and AI tools, we optimize efficiency, scalability, and generate a pipeline of qualified leads.

This is where the real transformation begins. We kickstart the cold email outreach operation, tactically connecting with your target prospects. We concoct personalized, industry-specific emails to build a formidable response rate.

We concentrate on sparking substantive, long-term relationships with potential customers. Throughout this transformative phase, we relentlessly oversee and scrutinize the outcomes of our outreach initiatives. We monitor key KPIS, leveraging data to refine the campaign. Our mission is to escalate engagement and produce quality leads that dependebly transition into valuable clientele.

The final step in our process is Optimization. We believe in the power of continuous improvement and strive for excellence in our campaigns. Through rigorous testing we identify areas that can be enhanced to improve results over time.

We analyze the insights collected during the Engage phase and make data-driven decisions to refine our strategies. This includes adjusting email messaging, personalization, and targeting criteria based on the insights gained. By constantly iterating and optimizing, we ensure that your campaign remains dynamic and effective in a rapidly evolving market. This iterative approach ensures that we consistently deliver exceptional results and exceed your expectations.

We LEarn

We analyze your business goals, target market, and competitors to lay the foundation for a targeted lead generation campaign.

We Build

Our team designs a comprehensive lead generation strategy, crafts compelling emails, and utilizes advanced automation tools.

We Engage

We initiate cold email outreach with the right prospects, and monitor campaign performance for continuous optimization.

We Optimize

We continually improve the campaign through data-driven adjustments, providing regular updates and tailoring our efforts to your requirements.

signs we may be the perfect fit

Epselon is a small agency; we can't work with everyone. Rather than maximizing clients, our primary focus is on maximizing outcomes for our existing clientele.





What results can you expect by engaging a cold outreach agency?

Hyper-Focused Outreach

Our customer's can expect a tailored approach to lead generation, ensuring communication is aimed at the most relevant and profitable prospects for the agency and software space.

A Predictable Sales Pipeline

Our comprehensive strategy yields a steady flow of qualified leads, facilitating a predictable sales pipeline. This enables more accurate forecasting, resource allocation, and business growth strategies.

Continuous Optimization And Analysis

Through ongoing performance monitoring, our customer's campaigns constantly evolve. This data-driven approach allows for real-time adjustments to changing market conditions.


Everything you need to know about outbound lead generation. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please book in your first Discovery Session.
How do you ensure the quality of the leads?
We use a data-driven approach to identify your target market and focus on relevant, high-quality leads. This ensures the leads generated are likely to be interested in your services, increasing the chance of conversion.
What is included in the strategy you design?
Our strategy includes understanding your business goals, crafting compelling email templates, utilizing advanced automation tools, and performing continuous optimization. This comprehensive approach ensures a tailored and efficient lead generation campaign for your business.
How do you track and measure the success of a campaign?
We use key performance indicators to track the effectiveness of our outreach. By monitoring these metrics, we make data-driven adjustments to optimize the campaign, maximizing engagement and lead generation.
What kind of results can I expect and how soon?
While results can vary based on multiple factors, our comprehensive strategy aims to deliver a consistent flow of high-quality leads. You should start to see an increase in engagement rates and leads within a few weeks of the campaign launch.
How often will I receive updates on the campaign's progress?
We provide regular reports and updates to keep you informed about the campaign's progress. The frequency of these updates can be determined based on your preferences.

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